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Contact lenses

Get the Right Corrective Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses to See Your Best While You Look Great

Needing corrective lenses starts with a visit to an optometrist. But, should you choose glasses or contacts? Don't worry, our optometrists at Lauf and Meents can help you see well, whichever option you choose. They can also recommend the best method of vision correction for you.

If you have an interest in wearing contact lenses, you will need to have an exam that fits you for the right contacts. Because these lenses sit on the surface of your eye, they have to fit perfectly for the best comfort. During a contact fitting, the optometrist has to measure your eyes to find contacts that will work to correct your vision while fitting properly on your eyes.

Some people may have difficulty wearing contact lenses, such as those with certain eye conditions or very young children. Luckily, if you schedule a visit with us at Lauf and Meents, we can still help you get corrected vision with glasses.

The simplest way to correct vision problems is with a pair of prescription eyeglasses. These glasses have lenses in a shape that compensates for your near or farsightedness. During a standard eye exam, the eye doctor will determine the type of prescription you need to sharpen your vision.

When you wear eyeglasses, you have a large variety of frames to choose from. These frames include both economic options and designer brands. The best frames are those that improve your appearance by enhancing your face's best features.

If you get a prescription for eyeglasses, talk to our staff about the best frames for your face. You can try on a variety at our facility before making your choice. And as we do with all our eye care services, we have eyeglasses options for the entire family.

Helping you to see clearly is our primary goal at Lauf and Meents. Whether you want to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, we can help you to find the ideal vision correction option. Schedule a visit with us for either a regular or contact lens fitting exam.

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