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See More Clearly by Scheduling Optometry Exams from Lauf and Meents Instead of Wasting Time Searching the Internet for "Optometrist Near Me"

You probably already know the importance of finding a quality eye doctor, especially if you have searched the internet for an "optometrist near me." Lauf and Meents Doctors of Optometry will offer high-quality eye care for those near Napoleon, Ohio, where you will find their clinic. In fact, the clinic sees patients from all over Henry County.

By simply searching for an "optometrist near me," you may not get information about how long an eye clinic has operated or which services it offers. Drs. Lauf and Meents have been helping people to see more clearly since 1989. Few other optometrists can say that they have served the same area for more than 30 years.

For eye services, we provide optometry exams and eye care for the entire family. Drs. Lauf and Meents have a passion to serve you by giving you the best eye care possible. In fact, they will treat children, teens, adults, and seniors, in their quest to give every patient a chance at seeing well.

Optometry practices deal with improving vision and diagnosing eye health concerns. Sometimes, people forget to make appointments for eye exams because they think that seeing well means they don't need to schedule a visit. However, optometry exams do more than allow you to get glasses or contacts. In fact, an optometrist could identify serious problems before they cause sight loss. For example, cataracts or glaucoma often don't cause symptoms until permanent, uncorrectable damage occurs.

While optometrists don't have medical degrees, they do specialize in identifying eye diseases and prescribing vision correction lenses. They are the first experts to visit for monitoring your vision and eye health. While everyone should have regular eye exams, some people will need more frequent visits. If you have any family members who have experienced sight loss or eye problems, you may have a higher risk. Schedule an appointment to get advice on how often you should have regular exams to look for possible health concerns with your eyes.

If you need an appointment for an eye exam, check out our website at Lauf and Meents Doctors of Optometry. We're here to ensure that you have healthy eyes and great vision.

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