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Even Kids Need Regular Exams from an Optometrist Check Out Our Pediatric Vision Care Services

When it comes to finding an optometrist, you should have one who will serve the entire family. Not every Henry County eye care clinic provides services for kids, but we do at Lauf and Meents.

Though you will probably schedule annual physical exams with your primary care doctor to keep tabs on your health, you may not remember that you also need to see an optometrist at least once a year. Just like systems in the rest of your body, your eyes can experience major changes in a short time. If you neglect vision and eye health screenings, you may miss these changes until you experience vision loss.

While sometimes, you can get surgery to correct blurry vision from problems like myopia, in some cases, the loss of vision can become permanent. To avoid these issues, you need monitoring of your eyesight from childhood through your golden years. Check out our website at Lauf and Meents for our contact information to schedule your visit with one of our optometrists.

As mentioned, vision care should start early. In fact, infants as young as a few months can get exams to determine their visual acuity. Pediatric vision care can prevent learning problems later from your child not being able to see clearly in school.

When children cannot see well, they don't recognize the problem because many have vision problems from birth. Because they don't know what clear vision is like, they may not act as you expect them to. For instance, you may ask a child who runs in front of a car if they saw the vehicle and they may honestly respond that they didn't.

Vision problems make learning more difficult because much of classwork is based on the students being able to see what the teacher is talking about. If you have a child who has undiagnosed vision problems, they may act up in school or fall behind in coursework.

Don't let these issues happen. Schedule an exam for pediatric vision care at least before your child starts school. Correcting vision issues early can help your child to grow up without the problems caused by not being able to see. Let us at Lauf and Meents Doctors of Optometry help your child to see their best.

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